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About Tenekko

Tenekko Acquisitions is a New Jersey holdings company focused on long-term investments as it takes time for a company, concepts, trends, and top-caliber entrepreneurs to be successful. We invest our time and resources in people with great ideas and in companies driving change to uncover new opportunities for everyone.

Headed by Nigel Mamon, Tenekko Acquisitions (TA) dedicate its investment strategy to pursuing innovation and revolutionary ideas worldwide. We have the entrepreneurial spirit plus culture to build out encouraging concepts and bring them into reality. For more than 15 years, we have leveraged our knowledge in markets and social issues to drive value to our portfolio of assets.


"Repetition thinking is the key in nailing down an idea." ~ Nigel Mamon

Nigel Mamon | Founder

Nigel Mamon is the founder of Tenekko Acquisitions and co-founder of Sparqoverse, companies based in the New York Metro. Nigel started RedBlack Investments in 2005 for his equity-only investments and converted the equity vehicle to Tenekko Acquisitions to expand its ventures. 

An entrepreneur and former varsity basketball athlete, Nigel has launched a few startups to pursue his passion for building an alternative universe for marketplaces.           

Portfolio of Ventures

Invested and Committed to the Future

Across the globe, we invest in bold ideas that can make a big difference in a world changing faster than ever. We’ve witnessed the combined power of visionaries and technology to transform society, and we support the people and entities behind these progressive changes.  

Responsible change is at the center of our mission. We believe that introducing new standards to society requires a responsible approach. We know that people and governments are not kind to sudden disruptions in our way of living, so it is our responsibility to assure society that everyone’s skepticism matters.

We operate in an investment culture of transparency and trust to accomplish our mission by communicating our message clearly to the public.




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